Samantha Tio – Table For One




TOP TO BOTTOM, from (“Table for One“)
© Samantha Tio, 2009-2010

Samantha Tio, one of Singapore’s emerging photographers has completed her year long project – Table for One. Now it would be shown as an exhibition with an accompanying website for this month’s SIPF festival (more details in another post on that).

When I set out creating images for “Table for One.” I was really curious of the possibility of how art or creating something can stimulate the healing process. Its not uncommon…Taking the body as a site for memories, dreams and reflection of the environment we live in, surely its interior bears its own surfaces for beauty and its absence.

When she first showed me the beginnings of the series, I wondered how long would she go on talking to strangers. She began the series as a form of therapy for her recent heartbreak, and the resulting work is a deep evocative look at the inner world of many “lonely” Singaporeans and herself. Although unstaged, these images see influences of Hopper, Wall and diCorcia; moody, subdued, and a layer of drama hidden beneath the surface.

Using only environmental lighting and “props” (backs of other patrons, chairs, mirrors), she managed to capture that little bit of each sitter. I guess she has a personable way of dealing with people (and a lot of courage) especially in a city state where most people would balk at the idea of talking to a stranger. Kudos to her and congrats. Maybe I won’t have to dine alone very soon. :)