Serry Park

Serry Park’s series, XO pale white, delineates the meaning of objects in our daily lives. A minimalist piece of work, the simplicity of the images hides the amount of effort placed in creating the set.



TOP TO BOTTOM, from (“XO pale white“)
© Serry Park, 2009

From her statement:

I cannot open the window, nor watch the clock in my room. The only thing I can do now is to see the daylight from the windows, touch [the] fabric and fall asleep. I and the room, we both could take a rest. Only light and time flow in this room without any will. Then I feel like I finally give a complete denial of what is considered significantly.

She covered her entire room in fabric, removing the functions of the objects that surround her. The private space is turned into an ideal, leaving behind an impression of the prior functional aspects. The images are presented in a dream-like state, far from the messy and clutter we steep ourselves in.