Siyeon Park

Siyeon Park’s series reminds one of August Sander’s portraits of the People of the 20th Century, a typological look at school-going girls in Korea. The girls bear an eerie resemblance to each other, blank stares fixated on their faces.

Su-yeon Choi: Who cries all the time over everything

Ji-in Kim: Who hates to wear school uniform

Na-hee un: Who doesn’t know what to do in the future
TOP TO BOTTOM, from (“colorless“)
© Siyeon Park, 2009

From her statement:

When I was young, I couldn’t even have a meal with my family…so I ate at my mother’s car all the time on the way to the academy. I didn’t know that what am I doing here and why should I do this for 19 years. I just did because everyone was doing the same thing…I was like a robot in a factory. This story is not only mine but of all Korean students.

While it contains elements of teenage angst and feelings of being lost in the world, I’m sure it could easily be applied to most people out there. How many of us know our ultimate destination? We’re all just groping around blindly in this world and most times, we have to fit into the mould that society imposes on us.