Stella Kalaw

As my family is about to shift our residence at this junction, I have been doing some documentation of the process and chanced upon Stella Kalaw’s Family Spaces.

TOP TO BOTTOM, from (“Family Spaces“)
© Stella Kalaw

Having left Philippines ten years ago, Kalaw began the project when she felt a loss in the meaning of home and family.

Continents apart, each home is a glimpse of interconnectedness through objects of the everyday Filipino. Worn tsinelas on a stair landing, a tabo floating in a balde, the Sacred Heart of Jesus–all markers of Pinoy identity, they are umbilical cords to the familiar.

I like the quietness of the works, which is further accentuated by the use of diptychs. We cannot tell with certainty where each image was taken but we can sense the strong presence of her family and her longing.

There would be an exhibition at Silverlens Gallery, Manila, Philippines on Jan 8. Visit her website to see the series in its entirety.