Taisuke Koyama

Taisuke Koyama’s “organic abstract photography” has gained some recognition for its symbolism and portrayal of the changing city.



TOP TO BOTTOM, Burnt, Split Fence, Pond from (“entropix)
© Taisuke Koyama, 2008

At first glance, the images in his latest series, entropix, appear to be just bright images of shapes and colors, as if they were part of a psychedelic experiment. It is with repeated viewings that the images’ true beauty come to live. One sees how ordinary and overlooked objects in the city are transformed into powerful imagery, depicting the change and decay pervading through everything. It’s an excellent continuation of his 2007 series, Dark Matter.

I find this to be a wonderful presentation of how a photographer is able to say more with his/her work. Abstract images are always interesting to look at but they tend to be unable to withhold viewers’ attention for too long. Koyama has managed to not only create beautiful images but also inject depth into his work.