Takashi Homma


TOP TO MIDDLE, from (“Tokyo Suburbia“)
© Takashi Homma, 1998

BOTTOM, from (“New Waves“)
© Takashi Homma, 2003

Takashi Homma captures the dark ominous side of Tokyo in the late nineties in his series ‘Tokyo Suburbia’. Japan was at the cusp of an economic doldrum, where an asset bubble caused many subsequent years of recession. It was this darkness that swallowed the dreams of many individuals, where the young grew up disconnected from society.

With a detached eye, Takashi recorded the suburban houses that residents left behind on weekends and the youths roaming the streets. The empty streets and houses become a reflection of the people it housed. The future of the nation posing with an air of nonchalance and defiance. More than a decade later, how has this changed?

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