Terence Teo – soliloquy



TOP TO BOTTOM, from (“soliloquy“)© Terence Teo, 2010

Documentary photographer and long-term drinks buddy, Terence Teo, is finally having his first solo exhibition at Objectifs from Oct 29 to Nov 18. soliloquy is his conversation with nature, the result of a journey through Japan in 2010. After years of documenting disasters throughout Asia, Terence sought a quieter side of nature, to contemplate, to discover and ultimately, to answer many unanswerable questions in life.

I think that his images and travelogue made something tingle within – a need to embark on my own journey one day; when I have had enough of this life. And after that, I shall begin the next phase. Till then, I rattle my chains and smile grimly.

Visit his tumblr site for some images from the exhibition (and other amazing images from the trip) and his portfolio to throw some jobs his way. (Mention my name so I can get a few rounds.)