The Voyage to the Ends of the World

My friend, Jovian Lim, recently graduated from the fine art program at NTU. His graduation piece, The Voyage to the Ends of the World, was one of my favorite series on exhibit. The prints were simply gorgeous to look at. It was a pity that they were taken out of context somewhat, as the series is strongest when presented as a whole.



TOP TO BOTTOM, from (“The Voyage to the Ends of the World“)
© Jovian Lim, 2009

From his statement:

This body of photographic work relies on the ‘heroic journey’ often seen in mythology. While the ‘heroic journey’ is deemed an ancient idea, the process of growth, change and self discovery still continues to present day.

The constructs of the landscape and topography are not of a natural environment; These abstractions however serve to draw the viewer into a timeless time, free from the clutter and distraction of our overcrowded world.

Although this voyage isn’t a literal one, they seek to mirror an inner reality as we pass through life.

For more, check out the project’s website. His personal portfolio can be found here.