Tsukasa Yokozawa



TOP TO BOTTOM, “Approach Lights #3“, “On White #1“, “On the Margin
© Tsukasa Yokozawa, 1999-2005

Tsukasa Yokozawa is a Japanese photographer living and working in New York. A selection of his works from various series are currently on exhibition at Motus Fort, a gallery in Tokyo.

Yokozawa on his works:

I place plural and independent things on the same plane parallel to each other. Even though at first sight they seem to be synchronized, they are in fact each individual and singular. I would like to affirm this unsynchronized nature of the world—for love is what remains unsynchronized.

While I think the prints would definitely be better than the images online, I found the artist statement to be pretentious and convoluted. The images are stunning and it takes a while to get what the artist is trying to say through his works. It’s feels like having the wool pulled over my eyes. I could be wrong and cranky (had a draining day in the office) and will reread the images in a clearer state of mind.

Anyway, visit his portfolio to take a better look at his works. Let me know what you think.