Wawi Navarroza

Wawi Navarroza is a full-time photographer from the Philippines. Her personal work is dark and dream-like. She uses traditional darkroom techniques to create worlds where creatures of her mind or mythology roam.

© Wawi Navarroza
© Wawi Navarroza – Keys to The Kingdom, Saturnine series

© Wawi Navarroza
© Wawi Navarroza – Letters Unsent, Saturnine series

© Wawi Navarroza
© Wawi Navarroza – My Valentine Has Hollow Eyes, Eros series

Her Saturnine series won the 2007 Ateneo Art Awards, Philippines’ premier contemporary art prize last month. I like how she balances commercial with personal work. Her personal vision is strong and I admire that. Don’t you feel like going back to the darkroom to mess around after seeing her work? I miss the smell of stop bath!

I have not been able to find images from her recent exhibition, a homage to the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Maybe she will upload them soon.

See more of her work on flickr.