Wong Hoy Cheong: Days of Our Lives

Playing for Dying Mother, 2009
After Puvis de Chavannes’ “Jean Cavalier jouant le choral de Luther devant sa mere mourante,” 1851

Reading, 2009
After Henri Fantin-Latour’s “La Lecture”, 1877

The Charity Lady, 2009
After Jean-Baptiste Greuze’s “La Dame de Charite,” 1775

TOP TO BOTTOM, from (“Days Of Our Lives“)
© Wong Hoy Cheong, 2009

Wong Hoy Cheong is a contemporary artist who uses video and photography to bring up discourses on social issues. Born in Penang, Malaysia, he has exhibited widely in Asia and Europe.

In Days of Our Lives, he explores the idea of identity dilution in modern Europe. He reconstructs classical European paintings with models from Europe’s former non Judeo-Christian colonies in Africa, Middle East and Asia. The typical domestic scenes of Old Europe are infused with characters that seem to blend in, yet appear oddly out of place at the same time.

While these paintings are of the past, their topicality and emotions are still as resonant and relevant today…The Judeo-Christian Europeanness of another epoch gives way to a new fluidity and diversity. The past lives in the present, and the present in past as domiciled and naturalized migrant minorities reconstructs a new Europeanness for this century.

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