Xia Tio

I meant to post this sooner but it somehow got buried. Anyway do check out Xia Tio’s website for her work, Nowhere and In Between.

From her artist statement:

Nowhere is an ongoing project as an exploration into the transitory state of cultural identity. A reinvention of culture, values and tradition occurs as meaning is found in an attempt to construct something else in its place…The people in my photographs vary in terms of my relationship to them…All of them intrigue me it is the moment of discourse when we shared an experience, an understanding leading me to try to grasp that particular intangible moment.



TOP AND MIDDLE, from (“Nowhere“) BOTTOM, from (“In Between“)
© Xia Tio

Nowhere, is an extension of her ongoing work on relationships she has with the people around her. And that to me, is where the beauty lies – the ability to capture something so intangible and transient.