Ye Rin Mok

I first saw Ye Rink Mok’s work in Hard Candy years ago. I was wondering at the point of time how a pedophiliac photographer could produce such breathtaking images. But of course, that was just a movie plot and the person behind the images was someone else (and female too).



© Ye Rin Mok

Born in Seoul, Rin Mok currently resides in Los Angeles. Her work resonates with uneasiness, light yet heavy at the same time. In an interview, she mentioned that her images conveyed awkwardness, uneasiness, and imperfection – silent moments that people try to avoid.

Some may argue that she doesn’t adhere to the normal notions of good portraiture while others applaud for her style. I find her images interesting and definitely not your typical run-off-the-mill pictures that adorn magazines.