Zeinab Salarvand


TOP TO BOTTOM, from (“Interior, Exterior“)
© Zeinab Salarvand, 2007

Dide Magazine is back with issue 2 and this time round Iranian photographer, Zeinab Salarvand, is featured with a series that leaves me rather unsettled.

There is a saying that the very root of photography is surveying, observing life on behalf God’s eyes; a look from above; a basic view. Alike maps, the ancestors of pictures, I followed beds and bedcovers from the same angle. Decently, the successor of God’s eye went into people’s private sanctum…

The images seek to reveal the subjects’ place of rest – their beds, coupled with a satelite image from Google map and some text on their age/gender/occupation. Does it bother you that perhaps our lives are being scrutinized on a higher level now? Spy movies spring to mind, with the accompanying zooming in special effects. Nevertheless, a simple, well-executed idea in my opinion.