Zhao Renhui

Zhao Renhui is a young Singaporean photographer who recently made waves by winning the 29th UOB Painting of the Year award. This is the second consecutive year that the award has been given to a photographer. I would like to introduce some of his older works here before discussing his winning works in a later post.

TOP, #01 Rainbow, from (“Acusis“)
© Zhao Renhui

TOP, ICZMC/113 from (“The ICZ Collection”)
© Zhao Renhui

TOP, Barbary Lion: Extinct: Cold Room, from (“Soon Bo’s Cold Room and Shelves”)
© Zhao Renhui

Zhao’s work revolves around the human zoological gaze, i.e. how human beings view animals. He is also interested in how social development affects the ways we view/treat animals. What is notable is that Zhao’s works and vision have been rather consistent over the years, something which seems to be lacking in many artists here. To him, photography is a tool that tells reality through fiction, and one must not take this (beautiful) images at face value.

For now, Zhao is working with the Institute of Critical Zoologists on a number of projects. His older works can be seen here.